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'All is Atremble ' & 'The Bitter Dissonance'
'All is Atremble ' & 'The Bitter Dissonance'

ARTIST STATEMENT - Scene show 2016 Ron Nyisztor Studio.
‘The Bitter Dissonance’
Painting on water colour paper, water based paints, ink , pastels. 950 x 730 framed. ‘All is Atremble’ -
Assemblage - German beer mug family heirloom with dead flowers, Palm tree relics, pagan wedding circle stone memento, scallop shells and preparatory sketches for ’the bitter dissonance’ paintings.
The ‘All is Atremble’ assemblage is organic in origin in the sense that it was not conceived as an artwork. It slowly took form at home atop the house piano by the accruing of eye catching items collected and arranged as intuition would have it. In this way it is a testament to the everyday way in which we can create original compositions incorporating the random shapes and colours of meaningful items that surround us.
Since this assemblage also includes various small sketches for my intended series of painted works titled ’The Bitter Dissonance’, it seemed natural to then consider the assemblage an artwork in itself that could be shown in conjunction with the first finished paintings that are the result of such initial sketches.
‘The Bitter Dissonance’ is a foray into painting images based on actual particular local dead trees that have caught my eye. In this sense there is a portrait element to the painting. The trees that have captured my attention are notable for their sculptural qualities and their nobility.The symbolism of death being apparent makes this work in essence
a memento mori allegory.
While sketching several trees i noted with curiosity abandoned shopping trolleys in the their vicinity, a coincidence too unusual to ignore. The trolley, itself an item loaded with myriad symbolic references from consumerism to homelessness, is thus included in this image to form the strange relationship between a tree and a trolley for our contemplation.
I leave it to the viewer to consider their own interpretation of this odd pairing.... M.G.F. 2016