michael gabriel francas

Winner Busselton Art Award 2018
Oil Painting on Wood by Michael Gabriel Francas 1.2 x 1.2m

( Solo Exhibition The 'Scape of Belonging
Sept 7-Oct 13. 2019 ArtGeo Centre Busselton )

song lyrics
Ever wonder why I like to hide the secret ways that we ride hitching up the horses and rolling up our swags at first light they lost our trail an hour ago
a thousand stars out tonight they’ll never know
Singing I belong.........Sing I belong

‘I Belong’ is a poetic, improvised ode to exiles in search of belonging when confronted by a strange and foreign landscape. Much of my painting practice has been influenced by the notions of exile and belonging inspired by
my Lithuanian artist father’s memoirs as a refugee and migrant to Australia.
Like the exile intuitively finding their way in a foreign terrain, the painter
in me improvises using the colours of a landscape of the mind never before encountered. Bringing the abstracted ‘scape forth as it is painted perpetually re-establishes a renewed identity. Scanning the horizon for points of reference brings the exile hope of locating a direction forward and sense of belonging. we are all exiles to some extent.
MGF 2018